Liam Fitzgerald’s double single wows.

Liam Fitzgerald returns with powerful double his powerful double single – Take Me To Places and Back On Track. The newly featured solo artist embarked on this new lone venture after fronting an indie band over the last 10 years and is dead set on exploring his career unaccompanied. 

Liam is now writing and producing all of his own music where he can have complete control over the creative content, enabling him to develop and progress as he likes. It also allows him to form his music with the use of life long influences and Liam draws inspiration from a variety of musical genres and in these two records, he blends a mix of blues and indie folk-rock to create a soulful tone, backed up by his newly developed pop vocal style, he brings these traditional styles into 2020.

The first of the singles ‘Take Me To Places’ was drawn from Liam’s aspirations to travel and experience new places with someone you love denoting the importance of sharing these adventures with a loved one:

“Take Me To Places was inspired by wanting to see the world with someone you love, that it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you are with that person it will be amazing.”

The second of the two singles ‘Back On Track’ is the first song Liam wrote after taking some long overdue time off from making music- a feeling that is very relatable among creative industries. The song details his new outlook on music and Liam expresses his feelings of being revived and refreshed with a new project to sink his teeth into.