LET THEM ROAR Debut “I See My Light”

Relative newcomers to the indie folk scene, Colorado band LET THEM ROAR are not shy about using their voices to inspire change. Their original song “I See My Light”, released June 21st, is a dynamic folk song of bravery meant to inspire and pay tribute to those in Sanctuary.

“I See My Light” was inspired by the bravery of these women. They have brought countless people together in recognition of every person’s inherent worth and dignity.” – LET THEM ROAR

“My choice is bravery” – a line from the LET THEM ROAR anthem “I See My Light”, perfectly depicts the reason that the band wrote this song. Sanctuary is built from communities coming together to fight immigration policies that tear families apart. Those in sanctuary are seeking physical places of refuge, often in places of worship, in order to keep their families from being separated by deportation. With the increased hype on immigration politics, LET THEM ROAR felt that now was the time to speak up and use their voices to raise money to benefit the leaders of sanctuary in their home state of Colorado.

“I See My Light” is LET THEM ROAR’s amplified voice for change, and in that vein the group has set a goal of raising $40,000 for the initiative. Digital downloads of the song may be purchased for a minimum $1.00, or the complete package (including music video and original artwork) may be purchased for a donation of $10.00 or more. 90% of proceeds go to the individuals in sanctuary to support their living costs, legal costs, and organizing efforts. Visit www.letthemroar.com to purchase, learn more about these women’s stories, and for additional actions you can take for immigrant rights.

Preview the video for “I See My Light” which you can receive for supporting the fundraiser!