Leeds outfit POLO release R&B-tinged pop ‘On My End’ ahead of UK tour

Yorkshire outfit Polo may hail from Leeds, but the band’s glacial atmospherics and lush, r’n’b-tinged pop are an ethereal world away from the spit’n’sawdust DIY scene that the city is best known for. It’s the distinctly Polo sound that we hear on new single ‘On My End’, as vocalist Kat explains:

“I feel OME really captures my attitude to a lot of things a lot of the time. It’s basically me putting my fingers in my ears to all the external nags and pressures to do things a certain way. It’s a bit cheeky and to be taken with a pinch of sarcasm.”

Fellow band members Luke and Dan also chime in:

“OME is one of the rare occasions where the first idea, was the only idea. We didn’t even compromise at all.  Every idea any one of us had was completely accepted by the rest, we threw everything at it and nothing got rejected, and we resulted in a song that is uniquely Polo, yet still shines as a personal achievement for all of us. The riff, chords and percussion were written on the first ever session and remained unchanged throughout the process. We worked fast, didn’t second guess ourselves and I think you can hear this in the track.”

The release of ‘On My End’ comes ahead of POLO’s UK tour which includes dates in Manchester (Jimmy’s, February 23rd), Hull (Polar Bear, February 24th), Liverpool (Sound, February 26th), Newcastle (Cluny 2, February 27th), Sheffield (Cafe Totem, February 28th), York (Fulford Arms, March 1st), and finishing up in Leeds (Headrow House, March 2nd).