LE JUNK by Steve Gullick


LE JUNK’s hushed vocals fizz and whirl amidst a pulitzer landscape of thumpin’ bass and beats. Dirty bass hooks are combined with this infectious minimalist groove setting the pace for this pumping slice of electro-rock.

Reminiscent of Les Rhythmes Digitales and the sparse punk-funk eccentricities of ESG or Peaches. Accompanied by this slicked-back, yet stylish performance video – fizzing with electronics and infectious motoric surf guitars.

Elusive and fierce all at once, ‘Rich Romance’ paints a visceral picture of London’s wave of gentrification through the eyes of an obsessive property developer.

‘The idea of the track is about how the world is often setup to make way for the rich at the expense of the rest. It was loosely based on the transformation of Fish Island in Hackney Wick in East London after I witnessed our old music and art studio warehouse turn into a luxury apartment block. Hence the lyric “Lets burn this Wick, cause that’s what it’s for”.

LE JUNK releases ‘Rich Romance,’ out on Naked Superstar Recordings, June 12.

Photo: Steve Gullick