Le Fil

Le Fil Hits Home With ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’

Le Fil is one of the finest pop artists of recent times; we only need to look back at his previous tracks for proof. But, he has never sounded as piercing as he does here on his new track ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’.

Furthermore, his new track takes him on a different path. He takes a 70s influence with his music, and it is refreshing to hear him step away from the status quo of the modern age. For me, I can hear a lot of rock influence poking out of his triumphant mix, and although he does stay true to pop, he does also take a hint from a variety of different sources on this new release.

The track kicks off with a party beat, which will get you bopping away to its infectious rhythm instantly. Le Fil then reaches for the mic and lends an unforgivable vocal performance with him connecting all the sweet notes in style. The chorus comes audacious, and it follows a similar trend to his last track ‘Undercover Lover’ with him signing about a soul mate who never really puts himself at the forefront, often holding back and never being massively present.

As the track progresses, we hear a diverse range of sounds popping out, and Le Fil keeps the excitement flowing throughout with plenty of new sounds conveying to the front of the mix. I relish how Le Fil has provided plenty of sentiment with his vocals, and his lyricism is witty, catchy and hugely relevant for anyone who has been stung by a recent flame.

Overall, it is a top-class track from the pop artist who lives in London, he is taking big leaps, and it is hard not to enjoy this track.