Laya Laya – ‘Gravity’ – Mixed by D. Ramirez, Out Now

Laya Laya are a Vocal Electronic Music duo from London

“We’re not pure dance music – we also make alternative pop / RnB though there is a special feeling with dance music –it’s a pure connection with a song that makes you want to dance  –  you can’t hide behind an image.”

Both were born and raised in London to Indian parents. Freya, a member of House Gospel Choir, and Super Joshi, a former BBC Music Introducing Artist. Their first soft release, ‘Vampire’ received plays on national BBC Radio.

“We both felt the pressure to have a normal life, have a proper career, fit in, but we couldn’t really get ourselves to fit in anywhere, so we’ve turned our sense of not belonging into developing our own sound”

Their music is almost ethereal, melody driven but with basslines influenced by the Garage, RnB and House music the Londoners grew up listening to. The duo write about life stuff but also delve into spirituality and many of their songs emerge from studio discussions about theories on life, people …the planet. Having now written and produced over 30 songs together, the pair say they are happiest in the studio and don’t take themselves too seriously: 

“We make music we have fun making. We can’t follow trends, it just doesn’t work for us”

On Gravity:

The track was jokingly originally called ‘F.U Gravity’ despite the inspiration for the song coming from a quiet moment – Super Joshi seeing a child jumping away care-free on a bouncy castle and marvelling at how she was using it for fun rather than letting it hold her down. 

Laya Laya have known House legend and producer and owner of Slave Recordings,  D. Ramirez for a few years as he has a studio next door to them in Hackney Wick. He was therefore an obvious choice to input on a dance track such as this.

Laya Laya describe the message behind Gravity, as jumping into the unknown …

“Jump into your fear. You’ll be ok. You’ll float, don’t worry. For us this release is about jumping out of our little world and into the wider public eye”.