The Knife to re-release early vinyl
The Knife

The Knife to re-issue early vinyl

If you recently visited your local record shop you could not have failed to notice the brilliant pink and electric blue cover to the latest release by The Knife. The “Shaking the Habitual” vinyl release (containing not one .. but two records) drew you in with its mesmerizing colours and one corner of my Rough Trade store looked more like a child’s painting area than a record store (check out the cover to see what I mean).

For lovers of the vinyl format, and more importantly lovers of The Knife, there is good news this fine Tuesday morning. According to Exclaim it would appear that the Swedish electro-pop lovers are about to re-issue their first two albums on the vinyl format. Both “Deep Cuts” and then bands first and self titled album are set for a re-release on August 27th 2013.

“The Knife” was originally released in 2001 on CD  by Swedish label Rabid Records, but was later repressed by Mute in North America and Brille in the UK. This will be its first-ever vinyl release. The follow-up album “Deep Cuts” was a 2003 release and did actually have a vinyl issue in certain parts of Europe but was only released on CD in the US

Before the re-issues normal service will resume as The Knife issue the latest track from “Shaking the Habitual”. Mute have advised that “A Tooth for an Eye” will be released as a 12-inch single.