Photo by Anabel DFlux


Photo by Anabel DFlux

As promised, LA-based punk rock and melodic metal band Killin’ Candace today releases their highly anticipated and debut music video for single, “Miss Deception.” Hitting the new year with a bang, they are sticking to their guns by using this track to lay the ground rules of what’s to come following the release of their debut EP Tales of Heartbreak & Homicide.

A dark and mysterious feeling instantly sinks in as the music video opens up to a scene with “police only” caution tape, sounds of sirens and a voice speaking over an intercom reporting a “crime” involving Killin’ Candace. As the screaming sirens get louder, here is where the viewer gets their first glimpse of Killin’ Candace commanding our attention to listen up to the story involving destruction and heartache. Not only do the lyrics convey the devastation getting over a manipulative person brings, but also, how to rid yourself of this feeling; to walk away from the noise and in this case, saying goodbye to miss deception. Beautifully matched with guitar solos and jam sessions between chants of “oh’s” and the band playing off each other’s vibes, perfectly depict the angst and frustration we all feel during these times.

Following the successful release of his debut EP Tales of Heartache & Homicide, the video release for, “Miss Deception” is sure to leave fans wanting more in 2019.

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