French indie mavericks Keep Dancing Inc. return with ‘Don’t Know’ a track that manages to find the sweet spot between softly grooving new-wave and catchy melancholia; ‘Don’t Know’ wouldn’t sound out of place in one of John Hughes’ coming-of-age films from the 80s. The song follows on from their previous single ‘Pornstar’ maintaining their pop-sensibilities but placing one foot firmly on the dance-floor.

The track begins with lead singer Charles De Cabbarrus’ deadpan vocal ambling into a glorious bassline that is punctuated by a soft-funk guitar riff. Synths bubble around his gallic inflections, bringing the listener into the track before they even notice.  As the drums lock into the track- pushing it into a movingly euphoric territory- before the track continues to build into its thrilling conclusion.

Keep Dancing Inc. are a group defined by kinetic energy, embodying the freedom of youth: never sticking to one trend, moving between different sounds and identities. ‘Don’t Know’ is a perfect addition to this theme, a song that understands the power of  reflection as well as groove.

Keep Dancing Inc have a razor sharp engagement with ideas of authenticity and simulation; ‘Pornstar’ adds to this lineage perfectly. Tag-teaming outfits and hairstyles the band seamlessly shape-shift between identities at break-neck pace – moving between slacker, surfer, high fashion, club kid – they embody what it feels to be young: chameleonic, never static, and forever strobing in and out of love.

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