Keemosabe Release Award-Winning Music Video for ‘Out of the City’

From the shores of Italy’s Lake Maggiore come Keemosabe, a rock band whose thunderous grooves and soaring riffs belie their tranquil suburban home. Their vision and sound reflects the fury and drama of the world’s largest cities, as exemplified by their latest video, Out of the City, a stunning homage to the slick, Euro-crime and poliziotteschi films of the 60s and 70s. The video has already scooped the top prize at the Roma Videoclip Awards, the most prestigious festival for music videos in Italy. Featuring on their forthcoming self-titled EP, Out of the City is a riotous, funky rocker with a tumbling organ-fuelled riff married with full-throttle guitar and growled vocals to deliver a sucker-punch of a track.

Breaking down the barriers between music, art and film, Keemosabe’s sound is suitably widescreen and has seen them performing across Italy as well as New York and London. Their London dates proved a huge success, selling out both The Islington and Servant’s Jazz Quarters, whilst their popularity in Milan saw them playing the city’s largest venues, including the 3,000-capacity Alcatraz. After recording and mastering their EP at Abbey Road Studios, they were subsequently invited to perform a live show at the fabled Studio One.

The project is designed to specifically morph through different styles in order to convey each track’s message: Alberto Curtis (vocals, guitar) and Sebastiano Vecchio (drums) studied and worked as jazz-fusion musicians in New York City from 2013 to 2016 and this freeform ethic pervades their music, despite the band being an incredibly unit. Andrea Guarinoni (keyboards) worked as a soundtrack and hip-hop producer, while Pino Muscatelli (bass) used to be a regular face on the Italian Stoner Rock scene.

With a sound which draws upon 60s psychedelia, 70s funk, 80s video games and 90s rock, Keemosabe’s EP can see you screeching around the corner of 42nd Street, the narrow back-alleys of Rome and the rain-soaked streets of London, Hammonds, Moogs and guitars spraying bullets and living life on the edge. With live dates in Italy and England planned and their debut album nearing completion, 2019 is looking to be the year Keemosabe become the soundtrack to your lives.