There’s something about the number three: a third album containing three songs, written after the third occurrence of the same injury, and perhaps there is something charmed in all of it.

Katie Mullins’ digital triptych, elegantly entitled, Three Songs, happens also to be the result of having no intention to write or sing again. Following the third time she hemorrhaged her left vocal chord, a 10-day initiation into the world of meditation, a seemingly miraculous healing, and a fallow period of musical output, this mini collection of songs “flowed involuntarily,” says Mullins, “during winter walks from one teaching gig to the next.”

Immediately, you might be reminded of The Celtic Woman or Florence and The Machine. “Crocuses” is folksy and almost tribal; it is effortlessly simple as it’s strictly vocal. However, as it nears the midpoint of the song, it transforms with effortless subtlety into an angelic canon before regressing once more to its original tribal-esque form. “Crocuses” is a transformative, tantalizing and impactful new single from Katie Mullins. We’re eager to hear more. Three Songs is out now and can be found on her Bandcamp page.

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