Kailey Prior Stands Her Ground In Her Empowering New Single “Assume”

Brooklyn-based queer-folk singer-songwriter and virtuosa, Kailey Prior just released her latest single, “Assume”. The upbeat folk-rock track was written by Kailey.

“Assume” gives the finger to anyone who’s ever taken advantage of you. The lyrics take a cheeky turn on an age-old saying: “To assume makes an ass out of you and me.”

Kailey’s enchanting vocals (especially her signature yodel) float through an explosively invigorating harmony of strings and percussion. This anthem is a testament to both Kailey’s diverse musical talent and her love of making music with others.

Kailey Prior’s lilting melodies and buttery yodels illuminate her intimate lyrics, leaving hearts warm and heartstrings thoroughly tugged. She has been singing since she could talk. Her natural ability has led her throughout her life to participate in choral music, musical theater and to learn a variety of instruments. To date, she can play a total of 20. Her diverse musical experience is mirrored in the intricacies and unique character of her music.

For Kailey, her voice and poetry are a means to connect with and articulate her experiences as a queer woman, and as a human.

The debut of “Assume” teases great things for Kailey as she prepares to unveil her debut EP, We’re Okay, later this year.