Kacy Hill releases new track ‘Like A Woman’, album out this month

‘Like A Woman’ by G.O.O.D Music/Def Jam artist Kacy Hill is the first single released from her new album, Like a Woman – executive produced by Kanye West.

Her June 30th album release teases of sultry and poetic tones lacing upbeat tracks pumped out in rhythmic bass. Hill’s artistry shines in lyricism on the DJ Mustard produced title track such as ‘speak to me incredibly…burry me shamelessly…how do you love?’ Hill leaves listeners contemplative of the ways in which we allow others words to affect us and the power willed by expression . She posses the question ‘what makes you make me feel like a woman’; rather, express the feelings inside that moves one to move another in such a way that brings their mind and body to sing a melodious tune at your sway. Yet, Hill situates herself as the master of her own desires and sexuality as depicted in the video for ‘Like A Woman’ seen here:

Hill differs from her 2016 “Lion” track as a classical and alternative Kacy Hill collides with an experimentally pop and rhythm sound; though, the vocals boast of an operatic hymn. She gives listeners a therapeutic escape to her musical world of classical and jazz meeting at the feminist choir and sets herself apart as an artist under the G.O.O.D label group. Though she has also collaborated with American rap artist Travis Scott on the single ‘90210’ from his 2015 album Rodeo, she is paving her own way as a unique artist of multiple stylistic overtones.

When considering her ‘Hard to Love’ single, Hill channels a pop and 80’s vibe with an upbeat track and less bombastic musical support for the vocals. Though the vocals still boast of a developing lyrically sound songstress, lyrics in this single bring a feel of lovers tussling for each other and individuality. Aptly, Hill is already soaring as a fan favorite on social media outlets and her singles promise to deliver an eclectic album worthy of international recognition.

Be on the look out for Kacy Hill’s Like A Woman album in-stores and online June 30. Pre-orders are available now.