Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen Soothes With New Release ‘Beauty Inside And Out’

Julia Thomsen is the London composer who is driving neo-classical music forward with her latest work ‘Sea Energise’.

Julia’s influences are clearly taken from the beauties of the planet. She finds inspiration from nature and the weather, and she has translated her thoughts beautifully into this perfect piano track.

‘Beauty Inside And Out’ is a calming and passionate work of art with Julia plucking at our heartstrings with a soft piano movement and a backing synth arrangement which deserves to find room on the pedestal. The track starts with Julia easing her way forward with a piano lead which comes warm with plenty of piercing notes popping to the forefront of the mix. She glides with conviction, and the piano hits us deep with its infectious and nail-biting melody.

Keeping things simple, Julia does not overcomplicate her mix, and this approach should be relished this approach. As a result, the track flows effortlessly from start to finish, and there is no room for any ambiguity with each instrument adding weight to the already potent cocktail. As the composition progresses, the piano picks up the pace and becomes more rash, but Julia regularly picks us up and takes us down, which leaves a memorable impression.