JP Ruggieri is “Waiting on You” to Listen to His New Album

Listen to JP Ruggieri’s album, Waiting On You, on all major music platforms.

A sought-after session musician in the Nashville music community, JP Ruggieri is stepping out on his own to release a record of his own original music. His newest album, Waiting on You, debuted while he toured the UK on a mostly sold-out tour with fellow artist Jarrod Dickenson. Waiting On You is a concise and stunning record, packed with unique songwriting, tight grooves, and the kind of tasteful musicianship that can’t be faked from the young musician who has worked with artists such as Rainee Blake (Nashville TV Show) and Penny & Sparrow.

As a talented guitarist and pedal steel player that has recorded and performed with several leading acts, Ruggieri’s musicianship is on full display throughout the 8 song album. Bluesy riffs, quirky grooves, and an eclectic style that is uniquely his own, Ruggieri tells a story of waiting on love through the lyrics that grace the dynamic musicianship of the tracks. It’s clear that Waiting on You is the spotlight we have been waiting for to shine on this talented artist as he steps into his own style and tell his own musical story.