Josh McGovern Releases Latest Single ‘Weight’

Brighton singer/songwriter Josh McGovern has released his latest single ‘Weight,’ which is his first release since 2017’s ‘The Devil Below Me’ and ‘Love Left Lost.’ Often compared to the likes of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and Johnny Cash, McGovern’s music, along with his baritone voice, delivers the same level of emotion, brevity, and lyrical depth as his predecessors. He also incorporates elements of Americana and folk throughout his pieces. 

In ‘Weight,’ McGovern addresses the war-torn nature of his mental health. The dark alt-folk track starts off with McGovern’s trembling vocals and his muted guitar strums before easing into more accompaniment.  The drums and piano add more emotional intensity as the verse progresses. Then, country guitar bends and backup vocals drive into the chorus. McGovern’s haunting voice trembles in the wake of his realizations.

The song continues to build upon layers of instrumentation with strings, brass, and melodic structures from the next verses to the bridge. The bridge silences the accompaniment before McGovern’s spine-tingling voice breaks with a higher range and intimate, revealing lines. ‘All of my pain and all of my doubts are avoidable if we talk babe.’ Towards the end, it gravitates to more Americana and repeats the rising chorus at the end.

Josh McGovern’s ‘Weight’ is out now.