Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age to score upcoming drama ‘In The Fade’

It has been announced that Queens Of The Stone Age’s Josh Homme has sound-tracked the upcoming big screen drama ‘In The Fade’. Directed by Fatih Akin and starring Diane Kruger, the film centres around a woman coping with the death of her son and husband in a bomb attack orchestrated by Neo-Nazis.

Of Homme’s involvement with the film, Akin said that “when I was writing [‘In The Fade’], I was listening to a lot of music by Queens of the Stone Age. I had the feeling that this could be the music that the character was listening to. It has a self-destructive attitude and somehow the film is about self-destruction. I sent [Homme] a very early version of the film, he immediately called back saying he loved it and was blown away and that he would like to put his hands on it.”  The official trailer features an edit of ‘This Lullaby’, the dark nursery rhyme that opens Queens Of The Age’s 2005 long player ‘Lullabies To Paralyze’. The film also shares its name with one of the standout cuts on the band’s seminal 2000 effort ‘Rated R’. The film premiered this week at Cannes and looks set to see wider release towards the end of the year.