Josh Herring shares elegant folk debut LP ‘And Everyone’

Singer-songwriter Josh Herring shares his debut LP ‘And Everyone’, an album about real people, relationships, struggles, communication and responsibilities.

Josh explains that “To begin with I never imagined the songs would work together on an album, but then hearing them all together, I realised they were all part of the same narrative.”. Originally from Birmingham, this album is a nod to Josh’s heritage, with the album having been composed on an upright piano overlooking Edgbaston Reservoir.

The album contains rich and mysterious string arrangements, powerful and groovy horns and crunchy guitars, to accompany Josh’s ‘simple but not simple’ songs. Josh meanders his way around often irregular melodies and longer phrase lengths to create familiar, but haunting songs that stick with you and allow you to think, to dance, to see and to love. From the indie rock-inspired album single ‘Down The Wire’, to the soft piano and clarinet ballad ‘Almost’, this album manages to be versatile in its nature, yet still carrying noticeable folk undertones throughout. 

Having taken his first steps into the music industry as part of the band Steady Hands, Herring has already received support from the likes of BBC 6 Music and BBC Introducing West Midlands. Over the years he has also worked with The Choir With No Name, for people affected by homelessness, as well as Choirs Beating Time, where he saw and understood the true power of making music. 

He reflects this in his solo work and live performances, often including audiences in the performance with percussion instruments and singing simple refrains. “Singing together, regardless of how good you are at it has this ability to just, make you feel better”.

‘And Everyone’ is a diverse album full of standout lyricism, distinctive instrumentals and compelling storytelling, further demonstrating Josh’s penchant for creating memorable music.