Joel Christian Breaks onto Dark-Pop Scene with Hell Raising New Single

Hell Raiser” is the newest single by emerging dark-pop artist, Joel Christian. An energetic dance track filled gritty synthesizers, heavy drops, simplistic lyrics, and mysterious glitches – “Hell Raiser” sees Christian developing his own niche of dark-pop music.

“Hell Raiser” is the first single from his highly anticipated debut EP (releasing later this year), and presents itself as the perfect innovative dirty night club dance song for finding your inner confidence and releasing all of your fears. Written about finding that inner confidence within yourself and through music, Christian’s newest track shines a light on his desire to create escapism through pop culture and dark mysterious fantasy. A “Hell Raiser” is someone that causes trouble and is somewhat of a rule-breaker, and through this single, that is exactly who Christian is- a hell-raiser breaking the rules and creating his own fresh aesthetic of pop music.

Los Angeles based electronic-pop artist Joel Christian is emerging as the LGBTQ community’s next artist to watch with his fresh breed of pop identity, unapologetically creating music that celebrates the diverse and creates a safe musical escape to be completely yourself. With only a few single releases under his belt, Christian’s music has already spread globally with fans based in over 40 different countries. Most widely received in the USA and major European countries with over 113K streams on Spotify, Christian’s recent music video “Rise From The Grave” continued to launch him into the dark-electro-pop scene.

Christian has created a dark fantasy that he lives in through his artistry with an eclectic genre of electronic pop with a dark twist. The emerging artist takes his visuals to the next level to showcase a horror aesthetic that makes pop music simultaneously feel fun and mysterious. With over 11K+ followers on Instagram, Joel Christian is paving his own way for a new era in pop culture and using his platform to create a dark-pop musical escape for those that need it.

“As an artist I will always fight for equality and freedom of expression because too many times this industry can reject and mistreat the most creative people alive.  My platform as an artist is building a world where imagination and creativity are looked at as a power instead of a nuisance. Use your gift and never be ashamed of who you are and let magic inside of you pour out into the world.”

– Joel Christian