Strummerville A Go-Go #1
Strummerville A Go-Go #1

The Joe Strummer Foundation release new 17 track album

When Joe Strummer, the Clash’s legendary frontman, died back in 2002, the music industry not only lost one of the true pioneers of the punk movement but fans of the artist lost a connection that is rarely found within the 21st century music merry-go-round.

An approachable artist, who was the complete opposite to many of his contemporaries, he would often be found walking around local gigs, festivals and would be only too happy to share a few words and tales. After the initial shock of his death The Joe Strummer Foundation was created ensure a permanent link between the artist and the set of beliefs he held – that music should be made available and created by anyone with a real talent. The foundation has already led to many successful projects on the African continent and has also benefited artists closer to home (Anna Calvi, Jamie T and Florence and the Machine).

The foundation have now released a fundraising album, to once again highlight the charities work, that features 17 songs from a variety of unsigned acts.

‘Strummerville A Go-Go #1’ includes tracks from: Armchair Committee, Kamino, Astrid’s Tea Party, Alexandra Jayne, Bill Mountain, Young Offenders, LazyTalk, Bare Hunter, Bella Figura, Noel O’Brien, Ballin’ Jacks, One Eyed Wayne, Thee Deadtime Philharmonic, Gemma Rogers & The Milmen, Bless & The New Thieves. A re-working of ‘Rock The Casbah’ by Clash associate Ranking Rogers also features.

Available as a digital download for only £1 (or any larger amount) from the Foundation’s Bandcamp page, all donations go directly to the charity, ensuring a continuation of their good work.

‘Strummerville A Go-Go #1’ is out now. To download the album or for more information go to

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Strummerville A Go-Go #1