Californian based artist JIG LeFrost showcases his natural ability to narrate a world in crisis on self-produced single “OUTSIDE”, infusing the release with the rich history and legacy of video game music.

Co-produced by Daniel Laner (Ruby Red), LeFrost effortlessly curates a warped, jagged landscape for his listener to traverse, combining early synthesiser technology with his distorted vocals. The droplets of watery synths and eerie sirens wailing in the background create a heightened sense of panic and unease, as you begin to wonder what’s lurking behind the pixelated corner of this fantasy world.

“It’s a manifestation of that unsettling feeling you get in your stomach when you know something terrible has happened” LeFrost puts succinctly.

Becoming a self-taught drummer at a young age, JIG played gigs across the Bay Area from the age of ten to seventeen. After performing a rap song at his high school talent show to high praise, the young artist immediately turned his interest to the music industry, eventually becoming a pioneer of the Bay Area’s underground rap scene.

JIG LeFrost’s music is a reflection of life’s extremes, and with his EP Welcome To The Crisis set for imminent release, “OUTSIDE” is an adroit showcase of his artistic talent.