Jeremy Tuplin announces release of second single, ‘Pink Mirror’

Following the success of first single ‘Bad Lover’, Jeremy Tuplin will release title track ‘Pink Mirror’ on 8 February via Trapped Animal Records & Cargo Records from his forthcoming album.

Talking of the single, Tuplin describes his process as “as a songwriter, or maybe just in general, I like to observe and try to understand; so, this ‘pink mirror’ idea came to me as an observational thing that seemed to explain aspects human behaviour, relating to conscience mainly – both individual and collective. It works to different degrees and vast extremes, as the examples in the song suggests, but at the end of the day that’s all it is, a pop song.”

Pink Mirror single artwork

The track describes, with some hilarity and some darkness, the idea of cognitive dissonance; of holding two contradictory belief in one’s head.  By looking in the pink mirror, which makes everything rosy, one can gloss over dark deeds and thoughts in an instant.

First single ‘Bad Lover’, released in November 2018, went down a storm, thanks no doubt to the accompanying video of Tuplin performing with a backing band of ironically-yawning hipsters.  For The Rabbits said of the track, “Jaunty guitars, group backing vocals so wonderful the Ronettes would be proud of them, and rolling basslines; it’s Jeremy Tuplin sure, but as we’ve never seen him before.”  The track went on to top many a Spotify playlist and video round-up, with Americana UK writing that it was “ridiculously catchy, has great lyrics and a fun video to accompany it.”

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