Jelly Roll, Krizz Kaliko and Tech N9ne team up on new single ‘Creature’

Nashville artist Jelly Roll just dropped his first single from his upcoming album “A Beautiful Disaster” and stated the video will follow in just a few days. “Creature” features the prolific rapper Tech N9ne and the talented Krizz Kaliko. Through Jelly Roll’s entire catalogue he has mixed rap and singing together in a clever way. His choruses are always uniquely melodic and his versus tend to be introspective, “Creature” is no exception and comes with a new and refreshed energy. Tech and Kaliko fit perfectly in the new single and deliver melodic versus that fall more on the side of singing but with the quick syllable packed lines they are known for, their versus are perfectly spliced, representing the style Jelly Roll delivers perfectly.

“A Beautiful Disaster” will be the first release since “Crosses and Crossroads” earlier in 2019. The new record will have twelve tracks and has features from Struggle Jennings, Brianna Harness and Brix to name a few. The release date was pushed back to the 13th of March, Jelly stated on Instagram that this is the absolute definite date and it will not be pushed back again, he just needed the album to be perfect and had to get his “ducks in a row.”

The first album that hit the charts for Jelly Roll was “Sobriety Sucks” in 2016 which gained him a huge following and later releases have only gone up hill from there. He has also hinted at a fourth instalment in the “Waylon and Willie” series, each of which has been in co-operation with rapper and close friend Struggle Jennings. The title is a nod to Struggle’s grandfather Waylon Jennings and the close ties between him and Willie Nelson, much like Jelly and Struggle.

2020 will be a big year for Jelly Roll and his fans are stoked to be kicking it off with a huge release. On his wife’s podcast “Dumb Blonde” he stated that this year will be his most active with several releases to look forward to. Make sure to check in at Gigsoup to read reviews on those projects!