ADHD follow the releases of previous singles “DEJAVU” and “TOMORROW”.

Singapore-based artist and producer, jaye has been a part of a number of projects under several aliases spanning the globe. He began his career in a folk-rock duo, then fronted a Japan-based funk group before he became a DJ for a UK X-Factor finalist.

After his return to Singapore, jaye released his debut single ‘TOMORROW’. It quickly became a top YouTube trend in Southeast Asia, earning over a million views within 4 months, launching him skywards into the ranks of the Top 20 Regional SEA Music Charts. jaye was also featured on MTV Asia and gained over 1 Million streams on Spotify and Apple Music. He also built a large following on his social media, capturing his listeners attention through captivating animations and aesthetics.

jaye explains: “I’m familiar with the rush of pursuing success; as a DJ, I’ve hustled for my career while abusing alcohol for literal intoxication. But nightlife exhausted me, fueling pain that tormented me between gigs. So I dubbed the cycle “ADHD”: Attention, Depression, Hit, and Dip.  Inspired by Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” I’ve experimented with song and video structure. “ADHD” begins with Attention, marked by pills and fearlessness; then Depression hits, chaining to my pain. I rap on Hit, fighting 8-bit enemies in a side-scrolling hellscape. The initial production returns for Dip, and eventually I do escape – into a void. Will the same person come out the other side? “

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