Jango Flash shares emotion-soaked video for third single ‘Acting On The Telephone’

Jango Flash, the Newcastle-based producer and musician, shares an evocative and emotion-packed new video for third single ‘Acting On The Telephone’ , released this week.

The track is a mixture of slow, hammering John Bonham-esque grooves and guitar-driven heaviness, topped off with an unforgettable vocal performance from Jango – real name Jack Golightly – which blends bravado and vulnerability in equal measures.  Imagine the low slung strutting attitude of Oasis’ ‘D’You Know What I Mean’ blended with resonance of The Verve’s ‘Lucky Man’, perhaps, and you’re close.

It’s anthemic but delivered with a dark edge, indie music with an added extra dimension that reflects the personal tragedy and life experiences that Golightly draws on to create his unique productions   Similarly, the video, directed by Ryan Lilburn, sees him rooted in the centre of a world that keeps revolving with sickeningly relentlessness around him, seemingly leaving him increasingly desperate and distraught.

Golightly, a teenage friend and writing partner of Sam Fender, not only self-produces but also plays every musical par on his recordings.  Nevertheless, with three singles under his bel, which he dubs quite aptly ‘kamikaze pop’, he’s now preparing to launch the live incarnation of Jango Flash, complete with a full band, to bring his personal musical vision to the performance arena early in 2020.