Jacob Dixon Slows Down with New Single “Slip”

We recently were introduced to North Carolina Singer-Songwriter Jacob Dixon, after his release of “Find My Place” in February. In our interview, Dixon talked about his upcoming EP (Lionheart, due to release on April 24th) saying, “ This EP comes from a time where I have reflected a lot on childhood and looked forward into adulthood. The songs hit on a few topics that I think a lot of us experience as we figure out who we are becoming.  A couple of those topics being: fitting in, not wanting to miss out on life, what our beliefs are, and remaining true to who we are as kids.”

Today, Dixon has released the next chapter from the Lionheart EP with the single “Slip” highlighting his acoustic indie-folk sound.  “Slip” sees Dixon in an emotional plea with himself to not allow life to slip by but to enjoy every small moment that is a part of his journey. Remarking on “Slip” Dixon says, “ “Slip” is about our life together. It’s about this weird period of adulthood where you want to take risks and not be content with the mediocre, but you still have to pay the bills. Where you have the opportunity to make long-term, life-changing decisions, but you still want your everyday life to matter.”  

“how many years, how many years will it take till I’m living like my heart wants to live…..how many tears, how many tears will it take till I realize that I let it all slip…oh please don’t let me let it all slip.”

Lyrics from “Slip”

“Slip” is a slow, simple acoustic ballad that creates the ideal backdrop for Dixon’s pleading vocals. An extremely vulnerable look into Dixon’s inner thoughts, “Slip” is his exploration into living a life free of distraction… one that he can take the time to relish in the small, seemingly insignificant moments, that make up the essence of life. In a time of constant hustle and busyness, Dixon’s “Slip” is a necessary reminder to slow down and enjoy life before it passes you by. Listen below and remind yourself that it’s okay to slow down from time to time.