J-Calvin Steps onto the scene with ‘Heart Glow’

Colorado band, J-Calvin, has stepped onto the scene with a self-described neo-soul-funk sound that is inimitable in style.  Heart Glow, the debut album from the group, is a profound introduction to the unique compilation of the musicians that form J-Calvin.

Named after bass player Jesse Ogle, the band is also comprised of four other key members, each who also create their own music in other bands/as solo artists: Sarah Pumpian, Sam Kelly, Will Metz, and Ted Moore.  Heart Glow is the perfect platform to showcase the vast musical talents of each member of the group and makes it easy for the listener to grasp that this group of musicians are no amateurs…. Years have been poured into each individually perfecting their craft in order to collaborate on a piece of art that is truly memorable.

Recorded in Wave Lab studios in Tucson, AZ, Heart Glow is an eight-track album of a jazz-influenced, funk based, contemporary style of eclectic R&B music. Bass player Jesse Ogle penned most of the songs lyrics on the album, with the exception of a few tracks who were penned by lead vocalist Sarah Pumpian. The songs weave through emotions of love, heartbreak, and finding yourself in your own life journey of peaks and valleys.  A reflective album for anyone who listens, Heart Glow is only the first taste of what J-Calvin has to offer….. and we can’t wait to see what’s next.