Issermann Releases Experimental Video

Featuring a couple wearing futuristic contact lenses to see celebrity fantasies in place of their partner, rf high-production project, directed by Nathan Sam Long, reflects our increasingly image-obsessed society. In a first-of-its-kind, the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) most widely associated with fake news and revenge porn, has provided a unique opportunity for an emerging musician.

Issermann says:Sad + Boring is about being stuck in a relationship that’s slowly diminishing you and your personality. I thought using celebrity deepfakes provided a great metaphor for this desire to be loved at all costs, in a contemporary way. Featuring faces like Kurt Cobain, Lil Peep and Kim Kardashian also hints at  the well documented downside of the ‘idol’ some aspire to be or date.

“I was surprised no other artists have explored applying the technology in this way yet, so it’s been exciting to do something innovative.”

Sad + Boring is the second single from singer, producer and songwriter Issermann’s forthcoming EP. Combining grunge alt-rock, emo-rap beats with a melodic gritty vocal, Issermann confronts social observations and issues through his music. 

Director, Nathan Sam Long says: “‘We’re already seeing deepfakes getting closer to the mainstream with ‘face swap’ apps and increasingly sophisticated social media filters. It’s troubling that we’re encouraged to hide reality and distort our identity. This fit the meaning behind ‘Sad + Boring’ perfectly, so we set out to make an innovative and original statement.”

Deepfakes are falsified videos created using sophisticated artificial intelligence to replace the person in the original, with someone else. Whilst a handful of global artists have applied face-swapping algorithms amongst celebrity friends, Issermann is the first emerging musician to use the technology to feature celebrities in a music video.