Issermann delivers his second emotionally fuelled single, Sad + Boring

Issermann is a young artist that battles with numerous layers of duality within his work. His heartfelt explorations embrace years of multi-genre and multi-faceted creatives. New single, Sad + Boring, plays with familiar elements of uncertainty, on top of gut-wrenching vocals.  

Issermann has erupted onto the scene with vigour and phenomenal determination to refine his craft. After throwing himself into London over 12 years ago, Issermann absorbed life through the eyes of a writer, producer, performer and industry insider. Combining a mountain of skills, early 2020 saw the first fearless track from this project. Throated truly amalgamated notable aspects of the grungiest rock music, intimate lyrics and poignant percussion. 

Issermann’s second track, Sad + Boring, continues to host a bold narrative. This time, confronting a somewhat confused identity. The trap-inspired percussion echoes this message around Issermann’s dynamic vocal delivery. Unashamedly confused, with melodies reminiscent of rock ballads and an immense array of influences, Issermann boldly expresses his tumultuous battle with the world, and ultimately, himself. 

Issermann says, ‘Sad + Boring is a song about being stuck in those relationships that diminish you. It’s about getting stuck in that feeling of unrequited love and attention that transforms you into a two-dimensional version of yourself. Becoming like a badly written character in a movie, losing what makes you special; those little indescribable qualities making you who you truly are. Ultimately you realise that, whoever is in front of you, you are carrying this cage within yourself.’

Check out the single, here.