Veiled beneath the identity of Monad, Israeli artist and producer Eshchar Nachmany is set to release his eponymous EP this August, shrouded in soothing psychedelics and shimmering dream-pop.

‘Tension’ is the third offering from the artist’s debut EP and is draped in modern electronics and fuzzy overdriven amps, Esh’s delicate vocals soaring above the intricate production. The self-titled EP addresses themes of change and transformation, each track inspired by intimate life events and personal experiences.

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The musical project began in an avocado grove, where Nachmany was surrounded by the ocean and bountiful orchards. In an isolated house in the Moshav, Israel, Esh began to build a studio from scratch, remodeling broken tape machines and synths to construct layers of dreamy soundscapes and surrealistic futurism. Following a chance meeting with one half of AR Kane at Primavera in 2016, Monad was invited to their show where he experienced dream-pop for the first time – completely changing his approach to music.

Esh offers a little detail behind his creative process: “The EP is a chronicle of introspection, which is also the narrative thread that runs throughout the project – a slow movement or transformation from beginning to end. I got completely immersed in this process for a couple of months, and out of this experimentation a shape began to form – one which would eventually become this EP”.

Monad’s debut project will be released at the end of August and is enchantingly idiosyncratic, portraying an artist who has confidently discovered their sound. Check it out below.