Now based in Newcastle after studying music in London and set to release his new single ‘Blue Hounds’ – a follow up to debut E.P ‘A Calling From The Shore’, which received over 650K streams on Spotify. 

Written and recorded in Newcastle, ‘Blue Hounds’ takes careful aim at the dogs let slip by a savage Tory agenda from Theresa May’s 2017 Tory manifesto to current EU negotiations. 

Says REN: “With this song, I wanted to make people more aware of and engaged in current affairs. It’s a call for people to take a stand against policies that infringe on our rights.” 

Honing his craft in France with more than 150, 90 minute sets over a four month period, REN is more than prepared for the road ahead. 

‘Hand me a candle and my coat, the winters are getting mighty cold’ 

Mastered by Noel Summervile (The Police) and influenced by the likes of Dick Gaughan, John Martyn, James Taylor and Bob Dylan, ‘Blue Hounds’ is a protest song in the classic mould.  

Something of a lost art, but rarely more sorely needed. 

Single Launch:

Saturday March 30th – The Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle 


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