Introducing Jude The Obscure with jazz, hip-hop and soul inspired ‘Strong Enough’

Strong Enough’ is the first single from Manchester-based musician Jude The Obscure, from the same local scene that brought out Children of Zeus, KinKai, Nina Cobham and more. It’s about resilience in the face of adversity. It’s easy to lose your way and become disillusioned with the world – staying in touch with loved ones, balancing your time between work, social life and supporting those that rely on you are all hard tasks to juggle – all the while we’re searching for some sense of identity amidst a sociopolitical climate that makes us all feel increasingly powerless. At our low points, it’s important to reflect and remember how we’ve grown and what’s shaped us as individuals.  

“I’m especially proud of this tune. I really feel the music captured the message I was trying to get across on this one. The rhythm section maintains this aggressive, punchy feel throughout, giving the perfect underlay for an energised, driven vocal. At the same time, it still has this uplifting, almost euphoric feel to it when the chorus hits. It was a hard balance to find, but I feel it really came together in the end.” – Jude The Obscure