Instrumental-rock outfit JONO explores natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, with video for “North”

Combining a love of music and nature, JONO brings awareness for Pacific Northwest wildlife and wildland preservation efforts

Music has a unique power to grab attention, evoke emotion, as well as unite and inspire individuals across a wide breadth. California instrumental rock artist JONO understands its power, and has harnessed it with intricately talented musicianship. Taking it a step further, he combines his work with powerful visuals, to call attention to the beauty and importance of the natural world. His latest single and accompanying music video “North” comes as a harkening cry for awareness – and protection – to the Pacific Northwest region, whose beauty is highlighted through stunning videography. It explores the discovery and delight of nature, yet also shows how humans abuse it despite all warning signs.

JONO is donating all proceeds from “North” track sales to non-profit Conservation Northwest, in support of their Pacific Northwest wildlife and wildland preservation efforts.

“Experiencing the visual aspect to music is an indescribable feeling,” shared JONO. “To me, it’s what it means to feel alive. Where imagination meets reality. I’m lucky to be able to write music about places I dream about but then bring my instrument and play that very song at that exact location for what can be described as a life-changing adventure. It pushes me as a musician more than anything else and has expanded my love for film, the environment, and preservation.” 

The video envelopes a wide breath of beauty from across the Pacific Northwest region. From old-growth forests, to wild, untamed coastline, and wide stretches of pure, untouched greenery and landscape, it’s a sight to behold. However, it’s also one that faces great danger: in the past decade alone, over 13% of old-growth forests have been lost to deforestation. Human actions, and their negative effects, are all undeniable – contributing to factors that include raging wildfires, deforestation, air and water pollution, and other consequences of climate change.

“As I’ve begun to write more about nature and our environment, I’ve had this fear that it won’t be around much longer because of our behavior and how it is treated.

And that’s the tension behind North,” said JONO. “In the video, I’m chasing a woman (Sammy Bulka); she portrays the welcoming arms of mother nature and I show how humans still don’t know how to completely treasure that. You can embrace, enjoy, and seek nature, but can’t force it to your will or else you will loose it.”

The video brings natural beauty direct to viewers, increasing awareness and education of the impacts to wildlife and land. JONO worked with Director of Photography/videographer Brian Hartley and photographer/videographer Dario Garcia to select breathtaking scenery across a wide range, to fully encompass the beauty and diversity of the region. Shoot locations featured include Big Basin Redwoods, CA (Boulder Creek, CA), Jedediah Redwoods, CA (Crescent City, CA), Samuel H Boardman Park, OR (Bookings, OR), Toketee Falls, OR (Glide, OR), North Silver Falls, OR (Sliverton, OR), Bellingham Bay, WA (Bellingham, WA) and Capilano Suspension Bridge, BC (North Vancouver, BC).

A life-long adventurer, JONO aka Jonathan Bareford grew up always having a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world. Nature’s untamed, organic beauty and isolated retreats have often provided inspiration for his music. A multi-instrumentalist, Bareford started the solo instrumental post/prog-rock project with the intent for each single to be elevated with an accompanying music video. His previous single and video, “Zion” showcases an exploration of the breathtaking canyons of the midwest, including Antelope Canyon in Arizona and Valley of Fire in Nevada. It was selected as Winner of People’s Choice Award from Bellingham Film Festival 2018, Winner of Best Music Video Award from Mission Viejo Film Festival 2018, and was an Official Selection at Long Beach Indie International Film Festival 2018.

All proceeds from the track sales of “North” made via Bandcamp, will be donated to Conversation Northwest, a WA based non-profit, in support of their educational and preservation efforts. The organization’s mission is described as working to “protect, connect and restore wildlands and wildlife from the Washington Coast to the British Columbia Rockies.” It can also be found now on SpotifyApple Music, and all major digital retailers.


JONO is an instrumental post rock solo project where music meets visuals through nature. Each song is written to have a theme based on a specific place or landscape in nature that is then brought to life through music videos. In an cinematic manner, Jonathan Bareford (composer, guitarist/bassist, director) highlights the importance of visuals to instrumental music in an ambitious way that has not been done before. Making sure to visit and capture the actual locations that inspire the music, JONO is more of an experience than anything else and one that even supports a cause for wilderness preservation through fundraising. A project to get behind for the sake of instrumental rock and our environment.

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