Instrumental duo AVA to Headline London’s Moth Club

AVA is the brilliant coming together of two compelling performers, Anna Phoebe and Aisling Brouwer.

AVA are headlining their first major show on Tuesday 10th December at London’s Moth Club. Following their show, they are supporting Erland Cooper on multiple UK dates. AVA have recently released their debut album Waves on One Little Indian this summer. Prolific violinist Anna Phoebe and pianist Aisling Brouwer make up AVA, a maverick, creative powerhouse that are unapologetically challenging the definition of modern neo-classical music.

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Anna Phoebe is not only an acclaimed violinist, but a composer on cross-genre collaborative projects including science, art, poetry, TV, dance and film. Anna Phoebe has also travelled around the world and played with names such as Roxy Music, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Royal Ballet School. She says AVA comes from a “very honest place” and defies the expectations of what neoclassical means. “For AVA to be a fully cathartic experience we have to embrace all our emotions. Mulholland shows our strength and also anger, whether these are personal emotions or frustration with the current political climate. When we play that’s when AVA becomes alive – it’s like a separate entity which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Listen to the Mulholland here

Aisling Brouwer is producer, pianist and an ambient classical composer who specialises in writing music for visuals for film and TV. She scored the film White Riot which recently won the Grierson Award at BFI London Film Festival 2019 for Best Documentary. Aisling Brouwer wanted AVA to be “more gritty and raw” than the connotations classical music has of “gracefulness or elegance”. She also said “We purposely didn’t want it to feel too polished and pretty because that’s not how we are in real life. We both write and compose music for visuals, film, dance and multimedia, so when we get together it’s an organic thing for the music to naturally take a cinematic turn.”

AVA captures the combined imagination of their manager Nitin Sawhney and the iconic label One Little Indian (home of Björk, Poppy Ackroyd and Tusks) to create a fresh sound. The duo combines a unique and potent blend of cinematic soundscapes, evocative and immersive electronic journeys of the heart and mind, at times urgent and bewitching. 

Nitin Sawhney described AVA’s music as “fresh, captivating and inspiring”. Nitin also said “I immediately wanted to lend my support after I saw AVA live. AVA has everything I look for in my own work, coupled with a conviction, emotional energy and mellifluous sound that weaves delicately between dreams and memory. Simply mesmerising.”

AVA – Moth Club, London

10th December 2019


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