Inner Tongue releases eccentric new single ‘Teeth’

‘Teeth’ is the new single from Inner Tongue.  The track is taken from the Vienna-based musician’s long-awaited and much anticipated debut album ‘Favours’.  ‘Favours’ is due for release on May 25th.  

With nonchalant beats and elements that at times recall James Blake, Childish Gambino and Frank Ocean.  It boasts delicacy and astonishing depth. As well as that, the music combines the lightness of touch that distinguishes Death Cab For Cutie, and the heartfelt perfection found in Sohn’s sonic realms, and the intuition evident in Chet Faker. Artists including Ghostpoet and Everything Everything have invited Inner Tongue to support them around europe.  He’ll be announcing new shows in the near future.  

The story behind ‘Favours’, and the reason it sounds the way it does, is a rather remarkable one. In 2013 Inner Tongue was diagnosed with a rare vocal-cord disorder.  It was in fact so severe that only a handful of specialists throughout the entire world were capable of treating it. And yet a surgeon was found who could perform the operation.  The  resulting surgery left him, for a time, unable to talk. The months that followed his operation were emotionally and physically rather shattering.  However eventually Inner Tongue began composing again. Singing was however out of the question, “so I decided to modify my musical focus temporarily by writing songs which could produce a melodic tension without vocals, but which featured the traits of forward-looking pop music. It was as if someone had pressed a reset button on the musical identity I had of myself.”  

‘Teeth’ is an eccentric pop ballad with a clear precedence of emotions over structures. About the song, he says: “Have you ever had a brief moment of clarity that lets you see things from a different perspective?.  When that vision has slipped away and all that’s left is a feeling. I was chasing to reproduce one such feeling with this.”

‘Teeth’s mesmerizing animated video was created by Vienna-based designer/director Patrick Sturm.  A rather beautiful video, It shows a “Nichts für niemanden” (nothing for nobody) award deconstructing itself over the course of the song. It has a very personal source of inspiration. “My mentor Joerg Schlick (MoMA, musée d’art moderne et contemporain), who passed in 2005, was part of the Lord Jim Loge collective. I wanted to honour his work by incorporating my own take on their mantra ‘Keiner hilft keinem'” (nobody helps nobody,)” Sturm says.

Favours will be released on May 25th.  You can pre-order it from  Look out for live dates this summer.