Indie Pop Singer, Nick Deutsch, Is Back With Another Hot Single, “Hooking Up”

Following the most recent release of his popular single “Monsters,” Nick Deutsch continues to grab the attention of his fans with yet another banger about love. The difference between “Monsters” and “Hooking Up” is a prominent one, though. Whereas in “Monsters,” Deutsch sings about how love is worth fighting for and that “love is worth the pain.” Deutsch sings that “if you trust in love, you can rise above the madness.” This new single “Hooking Up,” however, is Deutsch’s commentary about contemporary dating, about separating lust from intimacy. Deutsch sings that “hooking up…it isn’t love.” This single is not a head-bopping, upbeat song per se, but it is an absolute hit for one of those days where you’re just in your feelings, thinking and daydreaming about being in love. The slow and tantalizing vocals enraptured in the soothing instrumental background of the song grab your attention right away. This one’s for sure going to be stuck in your head.

The best part about this track is Deutsch’s ability to sing about something so personal yet relatable to his fans. The complexities of love are incredibly hard to be tackled, but Deutsch takes a good stab at it. With his smooth lyrics and delicate melody, Deutsch’s new single “Hooking Up” makes a case for the intricacies and differences between love and lust. I love that this song is raw and vulnerable, but still something that so many people are able to understand. After listening to this breathtaking track, I’m definitely going to be thinking about contemporary romance. This new single is not only relatable but tells us that we’re all stumped by this weird idea of love and how it’s both so strong yet so intangible. Thanks to Nick Deutsch for letting me know that I’m not alone!

From an early age, beginning with him rebelling on the piano during tutoring lessons, Nick Deutsch has always been searching for truth through the freedom of songwriting. Pursuing this artistic spirit, his journey eventually took him to New York City, and there he befriended Tina Shafer, the CEO of the New York Songwriters Circle. This opened up many doors for his musical career, allowing him to share legendary stages (The Bitter End, CBGB’s, etc.) with seasoned performers like Ian Axle (Great Big World), Billy Porter (Kinky Boots), Rob Mathes (Sting). More importantly, though, having access to spaces like The Bitter End and The NY Songwriters Circle, as well as partnering with his co-writer/producer Joey Auch, allowed Nick to nurture his talent to the level of precision you can hear on his upcoming EP, Oasis (2020). 

Nick’s two previously released albums, Crazy Ride (2015), and Heart Saver (2016) have received multiple nominations and awards, including Best Pop Male Vocals (2013 IMEA Awards), The Great American Song (2013 POP Category), American Songwriter’s Award Nomination (2014), and International Songwriter’s Contest award (2014). He’s also been featured in interviews with Pop Vulture Magazine, Apple Inc. the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and his lyrics have twice been printed in the nationally published American Songwriter magazine. His music was also licensed to appear in nationally broadcasted television shows like Nickelodeon’s “Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life”, and TV Land’s “Younger.”

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