Independent Tel Aviv-based artist InAbell has released an inviting and alluring body of work with her EP ‘Humble Wishes’, produced by Roy Avital of Garden City Movement.

Taking the listener on an explorative journey, the debut release unravels a cross generation tale of nostalgic euphoria, introducing InAbell as an emotionally evocative artist. Her delicate vocals and soothing musical accompaniments are impeccably crafted, carrying the listener away to beloved places buried deep within their memory.

Lead single ‘Fresh Honey’, influenced by her grandmother’s beehive, is an emotive introduction to the artist’s body of work – the thick, golden liquid preserving the sweetness that life holds, along with the simultaneous sting that exists there too. Following the deliciously dark number ‘Break Your Fall’, ‘Nightgown’ inhabits the hazy, semi-conscious space between dream and reality – filled with warm electronics and twinkling piano melodies.

InAbell, who’s Hebrew name Inbal aptly means ‘bell clapper’, moved to California when she was five years old with her family, living in the sunshine state for three years. Now based in Tel Aviv, the talented artist has multiple creative outlets, combining her music career with graphic design and illustration.

InAbell is intent on creating a musical haven through her delicate electronic production. Tune in below.