Immerse yourself in the soulful beats of 11’s ‘Why Choose Me’

Following the success of recent single releases Find A Way and Best of Me, South London duo 11 have unveiled their debut EP Why Choose Me.

Combining funk-fuelled hooks with buoyantly energised grooves, 11 fuse together an eclectic range of sounds including indie, rock, electro, soul and hip-hop. Led by James Lamb’s beautifully, soul-soaked vocals, title track ‘Why Choose Me’ illustrates the duo’s impeccable production skills. The result of which is the creation of majestic soundscapes, groove-filled samples and unforgettable melodies.

Previous singles Find A Way and Best of Me made an immediate impact for the band, including a nomination for a UK Music Video Award. Now, 11 will be hoping the unveiling of EP tracks ‘Why Choose Me’, ‘Face’ and ‘Will It Ever Be Enough’ will continue to showcase their expansive sound to an ever increasing fanbase.

Why Choose Me is out now.