Idolising Nova are ready to ‘Set The World On Fire

Peterborough-bred 3-piece Indie-Pop outfit IDOLISING NOVA return with the release of new foot- stomping Pop anthem ‘SET THE WORLD ON FIRE’. The track sees the band continue to build on the momentum gained on recent cut ‘Stuck In Your Mind’ which has soared past 50k streams in under a month.

With a sound that nods to the anthemic work of Bastille and Imagine Dragons and the more euphoric lyrical offerings from LANY, it’s easy to see why Idolising Nova have quickly built a loyal and engaged following.

Speaking of ‘Set The World On Fire’, IDOLISING NOVA explains:

“Set The World On Fire is about someone telling another person ‘look, you’re doing alright on your own, but if we do this together we could do great things’. Us humans don’t always believe in ourselves as much as we should, but when someone else believes in you, you feel like together you could do ANYTHING… nothing can stop you”

IDOLISING NOVA are currently working on new music, with a string of new single releases on the horizon.