Ida Vallens Shares Poignant New Single ‘deadstock’

Ida Vallens is an obsessively obscure artist who started off her musical journey under the name, Mëi. Reforming as Ida Vallens earlier this year, this is a UK based singer, songwriter and instrumentalist known for a string of provocative and powerful releases. As the second release under her new project, new single Deadstock is a fearless expression of desperation and corruption.

Over her career Ida Vallens has drawn from her roots with a nostalgic sense of Americana in her work. On top of this, her distinctive vocals are immersed in a distorted and delicious combination of indie and trip hop. Fixated with shining a light on forgotten narratives, Ida’s debut to this project was as somber and haunting as expected. Mt Whitney Motel focused on an 18-year-old’s alter ego within sex work. The single was intended to raise awareness of the rising amount of missing persons in the industry – cases which do not get resolved. It was a mesmerizing and darkly emotive track that played on Ida’s need to tell astounding real life stories through her music – stories that otherwise might not get told.

Deadstock is a poignant new single from Ida Vallens. She tackles an intimidating world where a Hollywood star faces delusional psychosis, forced into situations by mass media and stringent expectations. Ida found a multitude of real life inspiration, including Candy Jones, a 1940’s pin-up model and the infamous Judy Garland. Ida has made it her mission to expose a less than perfect side to an outwardly glamourous entertainment industry. Deadstock achieves this by assertively presenting a sinister message from an artist on route to reimagining the world of the media.

Speaking to the motivation behind deadstock, Ida shares:

Deadstock is a song about a naive young Hollywood starlet in a state of delusional psychosis, forced to take pills by her management, much like Judy Garland. She yearns for her past life where she felt free. References to the CIA’s mind control program, project MK Ultra are hidden within the lyrics and music video. I think the most heartbreaking is the treatment of the young, hopeful actors, actresses, musicians and models who often fall into the hands of an abuser. Should we think more about the media we consume and who it affects?

Listen to deadstock below!