Máni Orrason‘s second album I Woke Up Waiting was released in the spring. Intense months lie behind the 20-year-old Icelandic multi-instrumentalist, who not only found a new love, but also developed a new relationship with his musical work. For his new EP, a lot has happened for the young artist since, including discovering new facets in his music and working them out alongside producer Nikolai Potthoff.

The results are songs about falling in love and about what comes afterwards – despair, longing and other inevitabilities. They move freely between dreaming and waking, brooding and letting go, and document a significant personal and artistic development. Máni Orrason’s latest work shows an unusual and captivating young artist, who is not only ahead of his age, but also ahead of his time.

In ‘Picture I Recall‘, released on 2 November 2018 via Fries Boom Barrier/Guesstimate, and the first song on his upcoming EP, Máni Orrason questions his own self rigorously. He goes back to the roots of his interest in music – to the moment when he was initially driven to write and express himself through songs. ‘Picture I Recall’ is about doubting one’s portrayal of self. The song asks if you can express a true identity within the different roles that you perform in life. “Baby will they know me like you did?”, he asks and discusses, whether you can be perceived the same way by a stranger and the person you feel the most comfortable with.

Máni Orrason plays Iceland Airwaves on 7 November 2018 – 12.20am @ Hurrá.

Máni Orrason

Photo credit: Yannic Pöpperling

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