“Living the dream,” that well-worm adage for getting everything that you’ve ever wanted, comes with a few of its own consequences. At least, that’s the realization which occurred to Emma DeCorsey, a Chilean-born, Wisconsin-raised New Yorker and front woman of lauded Brooklyn indie rock band I Am the Polish Army (whose last record My Old Man was named by Rolling Stone as one of the “15 Great Albums You Probably Didn’t Hear in 2017”), when her boyfriend and bandmate Turner Stough was going to be away on tour playing bass with acclaimed cult rocker Shilpa Ray for two months. Even though she was in the relationship she had always dreamt of and was doing what she’s always dreamt of doing, those dreams meant accepting the absence of her loved one.

Even with this understanding, however, it wasn’t easy to simply tuck those feelings away to be dealt with at a more convenient time. She felt a particular desire to address these feelings through music, but it would need to be something different than what she was doing with I Am the Polish Army, something distinctly aligned with her own emotional turbulence and the subsequent recognition of that ache. So DeCorsey went walking down the street to her friend Duane Lauginiger, who also happens to be a member of fellow Brooklyn band BIRDS, and proposed a new project of raw and spontaneous design. The resulting sessions led to four songs, with each developing into a fevered love letter to Strough and collectively becoming her forthcoming solo EP, The Dream, which is due out on Lauginiger’s Time Castle Recordings label.

The edgy “Gold” kicks off with a delightfully grungy lick, sure to make Stephen Malkmus envious. The vocals are smoky and somewhat metallic adding a little extra grime. This should be quite the thumper live.

DeCorsey is embarking on a US tour, beginning this Friday in Brooklyn. No word of any UK shows. Full tour schedule below.

Emma DeCorsey Fall Tour

11.02•The Gutter – The Dream Release Show (Brooklyn, NY)
11.03•Hubris House (Philadelphia, PA)
11.04•Loft Space (Hoboken, NJ)
11.08•Little Amps (Harrisburg, PA)
11.09•Hambones (Pittsburgh, PA)
11.10•Blue Arrow Records (Cleveland, OH)
11.11•Rosen Krown (Rochester, NY)
11.16•The Stone Church (Brattleboro, VT)
11.17•Gloom Garden (Winooski, VT)
11.19•Desperate Annie’s (Saratoga Springs, NY)


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