Hugo Valentine releases heartfelt, sentimental new single ‘My Friend’.

Hugo Valentine returns with his latest single – ‘My Friend’. A deeply emotive and soul stirring ode, dedicated to a close friend.

‘My Friend’ features the artist translating pure and authentic vulnerability as he reflects upon the very real and incredibly sad reality of suicide.

The subtle rasp in those soul drenched vocals shows the rawness emanating from within, whilst a gospel choir join him as the song builds.

Fuelled with emotion this newest offering moves into a new container for the artist, which he gracefully eases through. To tackle such a subject with an assured sense of maturity and overall sensitivity is no easy feat. Hugo manages to highlight another side to the sad story of suicide and helps the listener feel rejuvenated, lifted and above all hopeful.

“’My Friend’ is a hard-hitting record filled with both pain and hope. It is a difficult and sore goodbye to a friend of mine who took his own life. It opens up a sharp wound, the type that never really heals, in order to try to better understand the onslaught of mixed emotions that follow such a happening. It tells a story of fear and loneliness, of a broken soul with no way out, but equally, it seeks to instil hope and to shine a light on his life. Bringing to the forefront the difficult yet pertinent issue of male suicide – something that is extremely close to my heart.

It attempts to tackle this difficult subject in an ode to the thousands of people who have suffered at the hands of depression and mental illness. There are many emotive messages within this song and also a wish, almost a plea to the possibility that he might still be here in spirit, watching over us. There’s an important and underlying sense of hope throughout, gently relishing the idea that there may be something after, a place where somebody in such pain can finally find peace. “Goodbye my friend.. even though I’m gonna miss you, I know I’m gonna see you again. – Hugo Valentine.

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