How a chance encounter on the number 237 bus inspired Steve Jason’s latest single ‘Obsession’

Steve Jason has released his latest single ‘Obsession’ featuring Rap artist Chenkx, the London born entertainer brings the feel good vibes with his fresh pop and urban sounds akin to some of his greatest influences including Michael Jackson, Prince, Bruno Mars and Stevie Wonder.

Steve Jason has been honing his craft since childhood,  ‘Obsession’ was inspired by a relentlessly difficult period in his love life. Amidst a journey on the 237 bus 7 years ago, Steve Jason plucked up the courage to approach a girl eating chicken and chips. “She had light emanating from her so I asked her for a chip.” She gave him her name and told him to look her up but after he unfortunately messaged the wrong girl on Facebook and didn’t hear back, both parties assumed the other had disappeared into life’s grey ether. He didn’t give up and they finally met again and dated but the last piece of the puzzle was securing her UK visa so they could stay together. The singer worked relentlessly on his music to meet the Home Office’s requirements to obtain the salary he needed to marry her. Many years on and Steve Jason remembers the period as a time when the obsession with his girlfriend and his music collided, resulting in new musical opportunities and of course, a wedding! 

The multi-instrumentalist has helped produce and perform tribute shows in theatres, arenas and venues across the UK often supporting major acts. On top of this, he is an avid collaborator having worked with various musicians and rappers throughout his career including Dappy’s co-writers on a number of projects,  which have gained media attention.  

With an album currently in the works, ‘Obsession’ is but a taste of things to come from Steve Jason. He is one to watch as a big artist in the making.