Holy Beach Unleash the “Ships Off The Coast”

I often see quotes hyping up songs saying “This song is a beast!” or “This song is a monster!” It’s rare, however, that I find it to be accurate. Upon hearing Atlanta’s Holy Beach for the first time, I feel it’s fair to say “Ships Off The Coast” is, at the very least, a monster.

Somehow, Holy Beach, have only been around for a few months. But they’ve already recorded an album (All That Matters Is This Matter) that’s coming out June 28th. “Ships Off The Coast” kicks you into the fray, not unlike how a cannon might. Atlanta has churned some pretty stellar metal outfits over the years (Mastadon, Sevendust). Looks like they better let Holy Beach eat at the big boy table from now on.

Holy Beach was born out of an uncertain kind of certainty. John Lally, lead vocalist and guitarist for shoegaze group Sleep Therapy, found that the material spilling out of him wasn’t quite suited for the dreamy haze of Sleep Therapy’s typical discography. He didn’t know where his new work might fit, but he knew it had to make sense somewhere. Aided by friends Jon Hilton (of Us Prizms), Mike Gibbs (of Krem Love), and Jason Petty all on warring guitars, Kevin Faivre on bass, and Jordan Hershaft (of The Tens) on percussion, Lally sources a killer lineup from the bursting Southern music scene. The result is Holy Beach, a sextet ready to rock, rage, and reflect.