HOLT unveils dynamically ethereal EP

HOLT is a London based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who creates emotively-led audio landscapes, presented with an effortlessly cinematic appeal. 2019 has seen a multitude of releases from this exciting artist. HOLT has been steadily heading towards this intricate, alluring body of work: Heavy Water.

 With a focus on ethereally beautiful soundscapes that have a slight edge and darkness, HOLT’s previous work has drawn from non-linear stories open to individualistic interpretation. Recent single releases from the EP,  Hand in Glove, Tower and Silo call upon inspiration from ground-breaking artists like Bjork, Nils Frahm, Massive Attack and Enya.

Heavy Water is the new five-track EP from this pioneering young artist. A calmly majestic narrative is woven within each track, expressed by HOLT’s distinctive vocal delivery. Vocals are layered with strings and synths to create a richly dense soundscape. This is underpinned by 90s influenced beats and percussion. Engaging the listener through an array of gracefully ethereal instrumental layers, Heavy Water is a forward-thinking EP that re-imagines cinematically led pop with a poignant narrative, to mesmerise and entice.