Rap artist Sck Solo releases a new video for “Vulture”. The song features a classic hip-hop beat with an electronic twist. It is topped off with masterfully crafted lyrics and a flow that encapsulates his artistic style.

The video highlights the darker musical tone of the track, introducing a villainous masked stalker in a setting reminiscent of a thriller or horror movie. In a poetic turn of events, the villain turns out to be the very person they were stalking–pushing forward the song’s message of loyalty, brotherhood and not selling out or being taken advantage of once you achieve success.

SckSolo was born to a military family in Anchorage, Alaska and raised in both South Carolina and Georgia. After the passing of his grandmother, SckSolo moved with his family to Las Vegas, where he developed most as an artist and became a founding member of rap collective PRISM TRIBE.

SckSolo’s creativity has a dark origin. It stemming from his childhood in an abusive household under the care of his father’s girlfriend. Constantly locked alone in a bedroom for a span of two years, SckSolo took solace in reading. This led to him writing his own books, poems, and eventually songs. SckSolo’s music is a testament to both artistic and personal independence, and it proves that great things can come from the darkest places.

The debut of the “Vulture” video follows the release of the single this past February. The track is available for streaming now.