Hip-hop artist MC Salum releases innovative single ‘Felina’

Emerging hip-hop artist MC Salum returns with the release of his innovative new single Felina, out now.

Combining synth-laden beats, vibrant vocals and a seamless production, Felina feels instantly reminiscent of the likes of Tyler The Creator’sunique ability to create crisp, forward-thinking soundscapes. Guest vocalist Katie Lynch (stmartiins)’ warm, ethereal tone soars effortlessly over Liam James’ weightless production, whilst rapper Mike Vincent Colville’s dynamic, boisterous tone feels unapologetically British. Talking about the single Mike elaborates, “a gallus cowboy longs for his old flame, and finds out she is stuck working as a prostitute for a crime syndicate. In order to free her, he trades his soul to a shaman for eternal power. Felina is about the aftermath.”

Stream Felina on Spotify and Apple Music now.