Heather O’Neil’s New Single Smashes Expectations

For many musicians, their own experiences inspire their songs, for others perhaps a fictional narrative. However, Heather O’Neil isn’t on of the many, and for her new single ‘Glass Delusion’, she looked further to find ideas.

Straight from the history books, and seen in the likes of King Charles VI to Tchaikovsky, ‘glass delusion’ is a disorder which makes the sufferer believe they are made of glass. Although now rarely heard of, in the past it was a somewhat common condition, leading its sufferers to believe they were doomed to shatter at the slightest touch.

“There is something so relatable in this delusion because everyone retreats at some point and feels they can’t move in the world any longer or they’ll shatter. This song is trying to guide you out the door. One step at a time

Heather O’Neil

Her release is nothing short of extra-ordinary, a song with depth and eccentricity to draw in even the most passive of listeners. Her outlandish approach being sure to gain attention and audiences all over.

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