Hear the first track from Public Memory’s eerie new album

Brooklyn-based Public Memory has announced details of his second full-length album, ‘Demolition’, which is set for release on November 9th via Felte.

The album’s first single “The Line” is streaming now. As the album opener, the track sets the record in motion with a driving energy and introspective unease. It gives a tantalising glimpse at a record that flickers with vivid imagery and a tangible sense of the colours and moods of the darker seasons ahead.

“This song is about coming to terms with the fact that things didn’t turn out the way you had expected them to. Particularly in regard to a partnership/relationship” explains the artist behind Public Memory, Robert Toher. “In my mind, it’s a dream where a guide, be it a future or different version of the self – or something else, takes your hand and you’re flying above the town you grew up in, visiting past parts of your life, people you have known, interactions you’ve had, seeing things from a vantage point that was unavailable until now.”

Entitled ‘Demolition,’ the second full-length album from Public Memory fully embodies its theme and the emotional associations therewith. As Public Memory creator Robert Toher (previously of ERAAS & Apse) cites it, ‘Demolition’ is (whether voluntary or not) the intentional destruction of something, usually with the intent to reform or rebuild something new in its place. It’s a term that ties together underlying themes from the period in which the record was created.

While the Public Memory prominent krautrock and trip-hop rhythms found both in 2016’s debut LP, Wuthering Drum’ and 2017’s ‘Veil of Counsel’ EP are represented here, ‘Demolition’ explores a greater range of tempos and an expanse of alien emotions with layers of electronic drums, live drums, Korg synths and samples from nature. Themes of rebirth and reflection imbue the album’s atmosphere, rich in tape delay, spring reverb, and textures that conjure a sci fi and supernatural narrative.